Ultrasonic Mask Earloop Welding Machine

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This machine is produced for the earloop elastics welding process of the mask bodies in a serial automatic and ultrasonic system. Mask bodies should be manually fed to the conveyor on the machine with a staff member. The machine automatically welds the earloop elastics by sensing and carrying the fed mask bodies with sensors. The settings of the machine are extremely easy and practical.

Ultrasonic Mask Earloop Welding Machine

General Features

  • - Manuel mask body feeding

  • - 7 inch touch screen control panel

  • - Three layer fabric inlet

  • - Sensor conveyor for mask bodies

  • - Elastic Feeding Device

  • - Automatic earloop elastic feeding and welding

  • - Two units ultrasonic welding

  • - Remote Access (wifi)

  • - Easy and practical setting

  • - Mask exit and packing conveyor

  • - Mask production in CE standarts

Technical Features

Required Power2kW , 380 V , 3ph
Required Air Pressure150 LT – 6 BAR
Production Capactity35-40 pcs per minute
Mask Size170x95 (+/-5 mm )
Required Labor1