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Ledtex is the leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of woven elastics , webbings , narrow woven tapes and ribbons, since 1992.

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  • Shoes Elastic Tape
  • Medical & Orthopedy Elastic Tape
  • Sport / Underwear Elastic Tape
  • Waistband / Clothing Tape
    • Polyester Webbing Tape
    • Nylon Webbing Tape
    • Polypropylene Webbing Tape
    • Cotton Webbing Tape
      • Mattress Tape
      • Curtain Tape
      • Carpet Tape
      • Blas Binding Tape
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        3 ledtex Woven Elastic Tape
        4 ledtex webbing
        5 - ANASAYFA
        6 ledtex medical elastic
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