Full Automatic Dental Cotton Roll Production Machine

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This machine is designed to produce dentall cotton rolls in diameter between 7 mm – 20 mm. The cotton rolls coming out from production machine are packed in bundles and then slitted into desired length in the saw blade machine. Dental cotton roll production machine consists of following stations;

  • 1- Cotton Fabric Feeder

  • 2- Cotton Fabric Cutting Cylinders

  • 3- Cotton Fabric Forming Station

  • 4- Gluing

  • 5- Drying

Full Automatic Dental Cotton Roll Production Machine

General Features

  • PLS control Panel

  • Speed Control

  • Easy product adjustment

  • Easy adjustment of Dental Roll diameter

  • Adjustable drying temperature

  • User friendly

  • Operation by 1 operator

Technical Features

Diamter of Dental Rolls7- 20 mm ( adjustable)
Max. Cotton Fabric Roll Diameter450 mm
Max. Cotton Fabric Roll Wdith500 mm
Electric36 KW , 3 ph , 380V
Operator requirement1