Ledmaksan Textile Machinery
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1. What is your product range?

- 1. Polypropylene , polyester , cotton ,canvas and nylon webbings for various applications in technical textile.
- 2. Woven elastic tapes for shoes and boots
- 3. Elastic tapes and bandages for orthopedy and medical sector
- 4. Woven tapes and ribbons for apparel and clothing industry
- 5. Many designs of curtain tapes ,carpet edge bindings for the curtain and home textile industry.

2. Can i get a sample?

Ledtex supplies samples free of charge for serious customers. Contact with us and we will provide sample specific to your needs unless it is a custom produced fabric.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity is 10.000 meters for all orders.

4. What is the delivery time for bulk orders?

We can adjust the time according to your request as we have enough machines to ensure the production capacity.

5. What are you deliveriy times?

Usually , the company supplies ordered goods within 15 days stock. Anyway , the delivery time can be changed because of capacity limits , in case of bigger orders .

6. Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, that depends on the item.

7. Do you manufacture in Turkey?

Yes , all of our products are manufactured at our facility in Istanbul / TURKEY

8. If I do not know the exact material that I am looking for , can Ledtex help?

If you have a small sample or spec sheet , we can figure out the exact product you want. It also helps to understand your intented use.

9. Can you create a custom color?

Yes. We have over 400 colors available in poliester and polipropylene.