ENFA Heavy Duty Narrow Fabric Weaving Machines

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ENFA heavy type narrow weaving machine is designed for comfortable production of medium and high weight webbings and belts. The draft, gear and drive parts of the machine are modified as heavy type.

Thanks to the high working speed and efficiency, our ENFA series narrow weaving machines always provide the best results and maximum production capacity to their customers.

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ENFA Heavy Duty Narrow Weaving Machine Features

  • Reinforced heavy-duty weaving system

  • Easy pattern setting and modification

  • The parts available on our machine are high quality and 100% domestic production.

  • Automatic stop in case of yarn breakage.

  • Emergency warning systems

  • Speed control ( inverter)

  • Slow motion (JOG) mode.

  • Lock thread weaving systems ( I – V)

  • Our ENF machines have a very practical settings in head number changes, shedding systems, pattern changing etc. settings can be made easily.

  • High production speed.

  • The quality of our machines is supported by various documents worldwide. It has production and safety in CE standards.

Technical Features

Weaving Lines462
Weaving Width (mm)ENF550664584
Weft Weaving Positionokokok
Weft DensityChangable
No. Of Frame12-16-20 Frame
Pattern RepeatEkstantrik 1 : 8 Pattern Chain: 1 : 8 / 16 - 48 ( 48 - 96 upon request )
Motor1,5 kW İnvertörlü Fren Motoru
Electric380 V / 220 V - 50Hz - 3 Ph