C450L Elastic Yarn Warping Machine

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C450L Warping Machine is designed to warp all kind of lycra covered and gripped elastic yarns into warp beams.

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C45L Elastic Warping Machine General Features

  • Special elastic yarn creel sencronized to warping machine

  • Elastic tension device sencronized to warping machine

  • Adjustable Meter Counter and automatic stop

  • Semi-automatic warp beam fill-empty system

  • Automatic stop in case of yarn breakage

  • Adjustable warp reed moving system

  • Electromagnetic brake system

  • High speed and easy warp adjustment

  • Working with all type of yarns

  • Special creel systems for the yarn to be warped.

C450L Elastic Warping Machine Technical Features

Beam WidthMin. 20 cm , Max. 40 cm
Beam DiameterStandart 35 cm - Max. 50 cm
Speed1500 RPM / dk ( ayarlanabilir)
Yarn TypesPoliproplen, Polyester, Pamuk, Monofilament Vb.
Electiricty1,5 kW Brake Motor, 380V, 3pH
Dimensions120 En - 200 cm boy + Cağarlık